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The 6 things I’d do Differently if I was Born Again

1 — Read more

I consume a new book every week relating to any and every subject that captures my attention.

Instead of relying on other people to define the curriculum that I should follow I allowed my inquisitive nature and curiosity to propel me forward.

I’ve learned about quantum mechanics, Theodore Roosevelt and the evolution of man in the last month while supplementing that with some of Russia’s most fabled works of fiction

2 — Fail More

We mistakenly assume that failure is fatal and let this paralyse us from taking risks.

We stop asking questions for fear of judgement or other people thinking we are stupid

We drift through life aimlessly between experiences striving for perfection instead of learning from failure and coming back stronger.

Children should be encouraged to take more risks when they are young because it endows them with the ability to dream for the rest of their lives.

3 — Never Settle

Instead of living the life we love we live the life that others expect us to.

We see what everyone else is doing and accept that for ourselves instead of trusting ourselves to find true happiness. We have evolved to live lives where certain milestones must be ticked off by certain ages otherwise people start to ask questions.

If we are in a relationship marriage is expected, if we are married why don’t we have kids?We succumb to pressure and let other people craft our lives based on the way people have always lived.

Instead of paying attention I should have broken free and escaped to become myself. I’d have been braver allowing me to be bolder and settle my insatiable appetite for exploration.

4 — Remain Naive

We are confident in who we are and allow others to see and experience our idiosyncrasies.

Children aren’t put off by the scale of the world or the size of the problems we face. Instead, they boldly march into the middle of the playground and embrace all children like family sharing their toys and views of with reckless abandon and lack of judgement for what other believe.

Instead I wish we all remained naturally predisposed to assume peoples good intentions instead of judging and acting according to what we assume.

5 — Ask for More

Somewhere along the road we stop asking as many questions and the quality and volume of our knowledge is detrimentally affected. We have all sat in class rooms where at the end of a lecture the professor requests questions only to be greeted with silence.

Even if someone refuses to answer we are in no worse a position than we were before we asked.

The same applies to asking love interests out on a date or an acquaintance for advice.

To receive more we must ask more.

We must put ourselves out there andchase the information, experiences and relationships we desire otherwise life will be dictated to us instead of us being the protagonists of our own story.

6 — Compliment More

If I have a great meal I never pass my compliments on to the chef, if I have a great experience I never thank the organizer, if I have a great day with my parents I never tell them I love them.

The last time I told my mother I loved her was when she assisted me through a particular challenging personal issue not after a blissful Christmas day where she catered to the whole family and lavished us all in gifts and affection

We take the good times for granted and assume they will continue forever and pay no attention to our good fortune

We appear ungrateful and unappreciative of the tremendous effort other people make to enrich my lives.

I’d have spent more time thanking my teachers for imparting their wisdom on me, my mentors for lifting me up and my family for cultivating the man I have become.

What would you do differently if you were reborn?

Written by

CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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