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The Brutal Reality of Inevitability

Inevitability is a term utilised to remove the possibility of alternatives. It limits potential by repressing the propensity to explore, experiment and suggest alternatives. When something has become an inevitability the likelihood or possibility of disruptive innovation has been diluted by the common consensus and human preference to accept what we have now is fixed.

The fact is the simplicity of life is assured when we adopt a fixed mindset.Inevitability is a human affliction which accepts what we have now is how it will always be. It is the most dangerous way in which we accept our own fate instead of cultivating true worth.

As morbid as it is, the only inevitability in life is death, it is quite literally the only situation which is unavoidable or certain.

But with that morbid reality of life comes cognisance of the possibilities that should fill the mind with wonderment at the limitless opportunities to quite literally change the world. Accepting constraints and being handcuffed by inevitability during life is akin to being imprisoned by the past. It is accepting ourselves as prisoners to what has already been instead of revolutionising the world we have inherited and moulding it to what we want it to become.

Steve Jobs famously said — “Everything around you that you call life was made up or created by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it. you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.” Critically, what he touches on is the inspirational aspiration of humanity if we reject inevitability.

Inevitabilities are only inevitable until they are not. Things only remain inevitable until somebody rises up and demands change, often leading the way to a new paradigm. Immediately, the perception crumbles away and a new reality is established paving the way to the inevitable suggestion of a new inevitable conclusion which is, of course, another false dawn. Inevitability suits monopolies, it suits communism, capitalism there and politics. There is quite simply no stronger psychological barrier than the perception of impossibility to achieve change.

Things are inevitable not because there is no other way in which you can do them, they are ‘inevitable’ because it is incredibly hard to achieve change. Think about it, easy things are never inevitable. It wouldn’t suit the sense of common purpose to approach simple endeavours with apathy. Instead, inevitability is construed to belittle those who try.

Inevitability has proliferated common consciousness more than at any other time in human history. We believe we have reached a period of technological enlightenment because, it is perceived, all the low-hanging fruits have been picked from the tree of innovation. We see the rise of autonomous robots as an inevitability tied to the operational desire for efficiency. We see the adoption of autonomous vehicles as an impossibility we can’t escape. Inevitability is more ubiquitous with every passing day.

If we instead accept inevitableness for what it really is we immediately alter the thought process which occurs and can act as a preventer. If we begin to view inevitability as an opportunity it becomes a signal which enables instead of paralysis. Simply by altering our mindset to the possibility that inevitability brings forth we can turn the table on the acceptance and fear that inevitabilities fill us with.

What are the things that you accept as inevitable? If you take a moment to break down the constituent parts of the problem does it still seem as inevitable as when you consider the whole task? Often inevitability appears such due to the complexity which is intrinsic to them. Inevitability then can be escaped by breaking things down, looking at each part of a task individually and optimising each. Inevitability then can be an interactive/cumulative process which results in continuous improvement.

We would still be living in caves if we accepted inevitability as such. We only evolved and grew due to the bravery of our ancestors to strive for a better life. Have we perhaps become too comfortable that inevitability is now accepted as an excuse for lack of progress? I think so. Life has become so good, so easy and so comfortable that we no longer have to improve as a manner of life of death. In fact, striving to improve could detrimentally affect the quality of life we have; survival and improvement are now mutually exclusive. The essential necessities of life have changed which has seen us evolve to become acceptors instead of strivers.

Inevitability is a weapon. It represses and disenfranchises the mind. It dulls potential and inspires the status quo.

We must recognise that potential is unlimited and can only be constrained by a lack of imagination.Inevitability is a mindset which must be defeated if we are to achieve anything of significance.

It must be discarded and mocked relentlessly and every inevitability which is suggested must immediately be challenged and derided.

Inevitability is the most dangerous foe that the future will face. Without resorting to hyperbole, how we tackle it and whether we overcome it will decide the future of humanity.

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