The Fight for Ownership of Your Personal Data is about to Begin

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Our adversaries are no longer international despots or dictators, they are multi-national companies who exploit every byte of data we produce to achieve unfathomable riches for themselves. Those who possess intelligence on our psyches revealing things we don’t even know about ourselves.

We must do better individually and collectively and this means delaying instantaneous gratification, which is incredibly difficult. It’s about achieving in a world of unfathomable distractions with innumerable competing distractions. There is a reason Steve Jobs refused to allow his children the use of technology he helped revolutionized during large parts of the day.

The onus rests on our shoulder to invent a more evenly distributed future. That means tackling big problems now. Big problems are the things which achieve the largest collective benefit. Big problems are things that make the future a better place to live than the present. That precludes working on another photo sharing app or social network. We must refuse to reinvent the wheel in favor of striving for greatness. That means taking a long time to solve incredibly complex and difficult problems. It’s sacrifice and perseverance in a world that perpetually trends towards giving up at the first sign of trouble.‘Google it’ has supplanted never give up and it is to the detriment of innovation.

What we must build are products and services for which there is a ubiquitous lust that transcends geographic boundaries

What we must build are products and services for which there is a ubiquitous lust that transcends geographic boundaries. We must overcome existential threats both individually and holistically.

Elon Musk is the leading light in this fight. Whether that is in the protection of the planet we call home, or in the exploration of the means to find an alternative should the worst happen. He hasn’t allowed government agencies to dictate the beat to which we all must dance. We can all do this. It’s a matter of willingness to compete, embracing the opportunity each of us is afforded to impact the world around us.

We all have time. It’s about the choices we make with it. We all have a choice, do nothing or do something. Nothing involves the world to remain the way it is now. Doing something enables you to contribute to the reshaping of the future we will all inherit.

We must do more. Platforms are what enable our genius to spread and achieve the widest degree. We must create this less fallible swarm intelligence for the collective benefit of everyone. Alone we are weak, together we are strong has never been truer. The gap between the richest 1% and the remaining 99% has never been wider. We can stand by and preside over this continued growth or we can establish new paradigms which create a more evenly distributed future.

This means the establishment of a platform which equates to swarm intelligence able to analyze and propose solutions that are individually unfathomable. To achieve this we must understand the value of the data that we create. We must reclaim control of that which we have freely given to corporations only interested in exploiting it for maximum profit.

Data is the new oil, and you create an abundance of it which is wasted each day. We can either create more intelligence rigs which mine it or we can allow it to be captured by the capitalist pirates whose only goal is to hijack our attention.

For the world to evolve we must divest ourselves away from existing models designs to impair our judgment. That means disconnecting or rejecting products and services which implement zombaic conditions in our minds.

Advertising as a form of revenue on the internet must die and we must be the ones to kill it

Multi-national corporations will never willingly forfeit their monopolized stream of income.

Infrastructure must grow to allow for new models to emerge

Companies need to understand that exploitation is a short term business model. It enables them to selfishly subsist by significantly reducing the quality of the world in which we exist. Data wants to be free but it is currently captive.

Only you can take it back. It’s yours and you should dictate the terms by which it informs the world around us.

The 21st centuries war is one for your attention

Will you give it up or fight?

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