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Remote work has exploded globally, driven by the desire for world-class operators to have more control over their lives. People don’t want to waste 10 hours of their week sat in a pollution emitting coffin wasting their life away commuting to work, they want to live where they want and have a far higher quality of life than regular office working allows.

For that reason, the 7m remote workers in the EU + USA has grown to over 20m workers today and will continue to rise to over 33m by 2025. The future of work is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed yet.

Led by the companies below, any of the 255m workers operating at desks globally will have a choice: continue to work in an expensive city having your cost of living subsidized by your employer or become a remote worker and work in your life rather than living to work.

The benefit for companies is equally appealing. Remote workers reduce the cost of provisioning a worker by 80% every single month. By redistributing office space to workers homes, companies free up a huge volume of capital expense by cutting back costs. More efficient companies will emerge that will be able to access the ‘human-knowledge-work-cloud’ (h/t sam lessin) scaling their team up and down as required by their workload.

Here are the companies enabling this transition:

Data —

Graphy enables data collaboration in a visual, fun and flexible way. It’s a place for your team to create beautiful and interactive dashboards which become the most important starting points for your team to optimize its output and attract more customers. It is built with simplicity in mind, aggregating all the data you need from the apps you already use and love.

Communication —

Slack brings all your teams communication together in one place. It takes the away the pain of email and simplifies the process into channels, which equate to chatrooms, focussed on specific topics or teams. Slack has helped us save a lot of time as a remote team and let us collaborate together more easily. The added benefit is that it enables asynchronous which is critical in a remote work setting.

Documentation —

Notion is the ‘missing half of slack’ which is a particularly great description of the utility it offers remote team. While Slack focusses on the communication of your team and the connection of people, Notion provides a swiss army knife of tools needed to get your work done. Write, plan, collaborate, and get organized, Notion is all you need — in one tool. Bring clarity to your team, with one tool, allowing everyone to see the whole picture. This is a huge challenge with remote work where if everything is not visible, nobody knows it’s there.

Collaboration — Tandem.Chat is a virtual office for remote teams helping you re-discover the flow of working together in‑person. See, talk to, and collaborate with your team in one click, through an easily accessible dashboard that lets you see what everyone else is working on. In terms of facilitating collaboration, we have discovered no better tool and it really has opened our eyes to the benefit of a less opaque way of working that can be difficult for remote teams to navigate.

Workspace —

Firstbase is the ‘missing half of remote working’. They provide remote workers with all the tools they need to be as safe, comfortable and productive at home as they could be in an office. By handling delivery, collection, maintenance, upgrades, repairs, app provisioning, setup, they remove all the hassle of any company getting their remote team up and running. On the worker side, they handle slow onboarding for remote operating best practices, help them claim back tax on energy and internet expenses and cultivate hyper-local remote social networks to connect workers with local communities. There is a huge focus on the sexy side of remote working, this is the critical infrastructure distributed remote teams will scale on top of globally, establishing the best remote working experience possible, creating a culture of comfort and safety.

Am I missing anything your team uses?

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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