The Rise of “Remote Work”

Chris Herd
5 min readSep 24, 2019

Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk done more to force innovation on the hotel industry than any company in history. By distributing hotel space to the excess capacity in hosts homes they altered the entire spectrum of human experience. A more cost-efficient travel option married to a more authentic appreciation of every destination has led to a massive rise in the quality of vacations while simultaneously enabling homeowners everywhere to profit from something that would have been idle otherwise.

Travis Kalanick, Garrett Camp, Ryan Graves, Logan Green, and John Zimmer done more to force innovation on the transport industry than any companies in history. By redistributing rides from unnecessarily expensive Taxis to any drivers car they exponentially increased the likelihood of people taking a cab. The more transparent pricing, opportunity to see who your driver was before you got in the car and the removal of the need to exchange any money created a far more efficient and effective industry which has led a better rider experience and allowed drivers to earn a living in their spare time.

How does that affect me?

That same disruption is coming to your workspace in the next decade. Remote working will explode as companies realize that office space is a vanity metric dragging down their bottom line more than anything else. By distributing office space to workers homes, companies will benefit from a tremendous decrease in overhead costs, while benefitting from happier workers, more likely to remain as workers for longer and do better work while they’re there.

The need for any company, anywhere in the world to have a bespoke headquarters will be destroyed during the next recession.

The current foray into the waters of co-working alternatives will lead to far lower productivity and massive increases in worker turnover as staff move between the companies within the co-working space they operate within. That the same time co-working providers will substantially increase rates to balance the books as the taps of VC subsidization are turned off.

How quickly is this coming?

The only alternative that remains is the one where the excess capacity resides. Remote working opportunities are doubling…

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