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The Story of Aberdeen City Will Make you Understand why Companies Fail

Even when a city has every conceivable advantage — wealth, world leading expertise, good education — why can it not remain abreast of developments or develop alternative industries?

Aberdeen, Scotland, is the Oil and Gas capital of Europe.

The Backstory

In many ways, Aberdeen is the Anti-Silicone Valley of the world. The culture of working together in order to drive product innovation and expertise is nowhere to be found, much to the cities detriment. The insular nature of the billion dollar enterprises operating in the region is the defining characteristic married to a staunch Scottish frugality.

I surmise there are few places in the World that approach Aberdeen for volume of Millionaires by head of local population.

I would also assume there are few places with such a concentration of Wealth with such a lack of investment in new businesses or infrastructure necessary for the success of the city.

Lessons to Learn

Above is the prevailing story of human nature.

The Answer

Unfortunately, there are no silver bullets.

Now we just need to be bold enough to build our own things and mould the world around us to the one we need.Got a StartUp idea or know someone who does? Recommend a company to and get 1% equity in any business we invest in!

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