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Want to Be a Billionaire? Solve Problems with the Single Click of a Button

My focus on solving big problems is relentless. Understanding and alleviation of the burdens which interrupt our daily lives consumes a tremendous amount of my time.

My thinking on these issues first involves gaining a deeper understanding of any particular issue that I identify. This is not always as easy as it seems, correlation does not necessarily imply causation.

An understanding of why situations occur is essential in understanding the ways it can be avoided or tackled differently, I work on understanding the first principles of problems. I connect this to the reason we study the past; we don’t do so to understand what has already happened but to gain an appreciation of how easily things could have been different.

Technology has empowered us to an extent which was never previously imagined. Automation has enabled instantaneous completion of tasks through the single click of a button. That’s the fundamental beauty that we often miss due to its simplicity.

With the single click of a button we can accomplish tasks which previously took hours or days.

One click purchasing has revolutionised commerce, like Amazon
One click publishing has revolutionised news consumption, like Twitter
One click publishing has revolutionised photography, like Instagram
One click collection has revolutionised transport, like uber
One click ordering has revolutionised food delivery, like deliveroo
One click booking has revolutionised ticketed events, like ticketmaster
One click sending has revolutionised communication, like email
One click viewing has revolutionised consumption, like netflix

Wherever you look convoluted processes, like developing film, have been replaced by technology which accomplishes a task in milliseconds instead of hours.

Simplicity has significantly reduced costs while simplifying processes. That’s not to say that progresses has been entirely positive, it obviously hasn’t, but the traditional route of each of the above services is still an option. It simply might take longer, be more expensive, of lower quality, or all of the above.

The string that ties each of the above products is the simplicity they achieve by harnessing technology. Barriers for participation are removed destroying any friction preventing you from using the service. Instead of having to go to a store and Que to purchase an item, it can be delivered to you next day, or even in the next hour.

What the above examples highlights is that technology is often a reinterpretation of existing models through utilisation of a one click model.

Their simplicity is what is so challenging. The general consensus is that great ideas are incredibly hard. The opposite could not be more true.

To succeed in a digital world you need to tackle problems with a single click.

Good businesses provide a service that customers appreciate. Great services make it so easy you don’t even have to think about participation, it’s automatic.

Developing the next great business is as simple as distilling a problem down to its simplest parts and enabling it’s completion with the single click of a button. Every day we have the opportunity to address the problems we face but most people don’t even recognise them.

For years people wanted to watch a show but had to adhere to a TV guide. On-demand and Netflix changed the game.

The best businesses save us time and effort. They remove the processes where we gain no value and enable us to participate with the minimal amount of fuss and effort for the same results.

The biggest opportunities are to save people time. Where you can save people time you can make money — whether that is through monetisation of the service through subscription or mass adoption whereby data is generated.

Email is a prime example. Where previously you had to buy a stamp, write the letter, go to the post box and wait days for it to be delivered, knowing sometimes it won’t reach its destination, you can now write an email in seconds click send and know when it has been read through read receipts.

Appreciation of a problem requires understanding of it.

Identification requires implementation.

Participation required simplicity.

Next comes a few simple questions which enable you to understand the potential ubiquitousness of your market

a) What would your company do?
b) How big is the potential market?
c) How could you achieve traction?
d) what barriers are you removing?
e) How will you make money?

If there is a clear path from A-E then the possibility is exponential.

Possessing the Skills is the challenge

The opportunity to simplify things to the single click of a button stares us in the face every single day, you probably just don’t have the skills to realise the dream. Everyone can look but not everyone can see, if you don’t know how to achieve something by using technology you will never be able to envision how it could be achieved with a single click. To do so you must educate yourself.

Problems are the heart of humanity. Technology has enables us to achieve things we couldn’t even have previously dreamt of. To endow yourself with the potential to achieve unimaginable success you must acquire the skills that allow you to imagine new possibilities.

Ultimately, you want to solve a problem so easily that nobody understands the complexity of what you have achieved.

Here’s what I’m doing about it

I want the cheapest price but I don’t want to waste my time — so I built Cleeyk. With the single click of a button it manages all your monthly outgoings while simultaneously ensuring the best price for every service.

Cleeyk manages your life expenditure making sure you don’t spend a penny more than necessary or waste a second on your time when you could be doing the things that matter. Let me know what you think.

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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