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What Banks could Become to Survive the Tech Revolution — How They Could Act as Consumer Champions and Save you a Fortune

I hate Banks

What has yours ever done for you?

Someone’s going to do to Banks what Uber done to the Taxi Industry

Banks have operated in the same way for a century!

The Reality is Banks Take Without Ever Giving Back

Future banks will offer you the same value back that you give them

Some challenger banks have tried to build businesses based on the instantaneous transfer of capital, whether that is for payment for goods, conversion of currency or transfer to other individuals. What they have failed to make use of so far is their unique opportunity to exploit all the data they are afforded. To do so they need a niche. There are already hints through the offering of insurance etc. but I believe they should already be doing much more for their customers.

Right now these challenger banks are pleasing customers which has allowed them to grow very quickly — what would happen if they amazed them and gave them value beyond anything they imagined was possible? My Grandmother currently pays £89 a month for the same Sky subscription my Father pays £34 for. If both individuals paid for this through the same bank they would possess that comparative data for every person on the platform that subscribes to the same service.

What this enables them to do immediately is build a product which becomes a transparent database showing customers how much they can save based on what other people on the platform are paying. Simultaneously this would incentivise users to expand the data they provide due to the tremendous value they receive in return in the form of detailed analysis about the recurring monthly expenses where they could make huge savings. They can make substantial savings based on the market intelligence released to them while the Bank accruse masses of valuable and actionable data differentiating them from any competitor.

A bank is the perfect vehicle for this system because their goals aren’t misaligned with their customer (like comparison engines are due to a referral fee business model). From there the Bank would become a platform that allows it’s customers to operate together, utilising the power of solidarity to collectively bargain together and influence the prices available to everyone. The influence grows in line with the number of users, allowing the company to negotiate deals with suppliers individuals could never achieve on their own.

Eventually, this model would evolve to not only advise users how much they can save but negotiate this reduction in cost automatically on their behalf. Information for most services change little from year to year, your Bank could automatically renew your car insurance at the lowest price without the need for you to waste time on comparison sites. The transparency of the service gives you comfort that you pay the lowest price possible for all your recurring expenditure, users simply sit back and save as a by-product of utilising the platform.

So in terms of roadmap, the initial step is to create an accessible database which provides transparency for consumers. Releasing figures that state the lowest value consumers are paying on the platform for every recurring expense would tremendously useful. How do you ever know you are getting the best price for anything? You have a point of comparison with your friends and family — but out with that how do you know you pay a fair market price for anything when compared to the wider public as a whole — the simple answer is that you can’t. In my opinion, traditional banks have been derelict in their duties. Modern banks can analyse the data they are offered then reflect that back to the platform and provide tremendous value to users instead of exploiting them.

Sky is the most interesting niche for me initially due to the ease in which you can save a large number of users a significant amount of money each month. Just providing this information allows users to renegotiate their costs based on the evidence you provide. Imagine how pleased customers would be to realise they could save up to £720.00 a year based on thier banks advice. This might not have value for things like airline tickets, but anything which is a recurring expense — house insurance, car insurance, mobile phone contracts — this becomes a tool which differentiates the new Bank from it’s competitors.

The horizontal expansion is almost limitless

I foresee a time where you sign up to this new bank, transferred all your payments, and they immediately infors me that they have saved me £50 a month on my Cable TV subscription. I sit back and save as a by-product of having an account. The first thing I would do is tell every person I know. For absolutely no effort, if you switch to this bank account you save a lot of money every year. No catches.

That is revolutionary

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