What Makes Life Inspiring?

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The serendipitous chance that absolutely anything is possible.

That you awaken each morning and are afforded a new day to mould your world in your image, never knowing when will be your last.

That you are the most fortunate of beneficiaries to have inherited the most remarkable of things; life, where a lack of it is the most prevalent condition in the galaxy.

That you are the heir of technological progress. Born in a time where the quality of life has advanced to an extent where the world can support of 7 billion inhabitants in increasingly prosperous conditions.

That you have inherited a richness of knowledge more accessible and abundant that any other time in human history. You can consume and learn absolutely anything you want whenever you want if you have the propensity to do so.

That you have been enlightened by the lessons of history. You understand the world isn’t flat, that the stars are millennia away and that we are but one celestial body in a small solar system. The things we take for granted have all been iteratively developed over time allowing us to conceptualise how the world came to be and appreciate our insignificance in the grand scheme of things.

The voracious appetite for human progress. That we can fight and tackle diseases that defeated our ancestors.

That diseases that killed millions have been eradicated by a simple vaccine costing pennies. That said vaccine was gifted to humanity instead of patented.

That we live in a world where a select few put the advancement of the human race above profits.

That we, as a species, are cognisant enough of our own mortality to appreciate and consider altruistic endeavour and some people are selfless enough to see it through.

That we, as a species, have been endowed with the capability to imagine. We can dream and hope and bless or inflict those visions on the world.

That we can create and consume. We can listen to a symphony created hundreds of years ago, preserved for its cultural importance, or witness art.

We can see history because we possess the capability to record it. We can remember and appreciate the sacrifices of our ancestors and be thankful for all we have.

We have such a rich cultural tapestry with strings that run between every creed, colour, religion, gender and orientation. We are all the same but different in the most important ways which enrich everybody’s experience of the life they live.

That we are empathetic to others’ plight. The majority of world population care deeply about our ‘brothers’ and ‘sisters’ and are invested heavily in our survival but more importantly that we attempt to enrich everybody’s live ensuring we collectively flourish.

That regardless of your location or condition you can read these words and appreciate the opinion of others. That your understanding of the human condition is deepened by appreciating alternative perspectives.

That you can argue and feel pain. Because life isn’t only about opulence and joy; it’s about experiencing the spectrum of emotions perpetrated on you ensuring you know what it means to be alive.

That there are others whom you can share it with. Perhaps its family or friends, or even the stranger you exchange a glance with before both shyly recoiling away with the mutual flickering of a smile.

That you can appreciate those moments that change everything. You can count the seconds, feel the hours and experience the days. You can experience experiences and they become entwined within the fabric of your very being.

That you possess the ability to reflect who you are in everything you do. Every choice is a choice. You can choose to conform or not, you can accept your reality or not and you can live the life prescribed to you or unmercifully pursue your dreams.

That you can change, you can escape and you can start over. Nothing aside from death is fatal.

That you can remain stoic, you can stay and you can fix things. Nothing is ever completely broken.

That we are all terminal and we all have a finite time to leave our mark. We have the power to create something of significance or pass through life unseen.

That our decisions are who we have been, what we are and who we become.

That we are the sum total of all our choice and the decisions we make colour the life we live.

That we can become anything we want to be or not.

What makes life inspiring is freedom have been, to be or become whatever it is we hope and dream.

The reality is that in order to achieve that you have to do it. Inspiration should come from the uniquely wonderful opportunity which you have been afforded; life.

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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