What to do if You’re Wasting Your Life

Chris Herd
5 min readFeb 12, 2019

I see it every day.

People hurtling through life perfectly miserable due to the choices they have accepted but not made.

They remain in that dead end job, they accept that bad relationship or they continue to do something which wastes the precious time they have been afforded.

And we make excuses.

I need that job for the money to fund my lifestyle.

I need that relationship because everyone else is in one and I can’t be alone.

But the actuality of that is juxtaposed to the truth. We could accept a less extravagant lifestyle or move somewhere less expensive. It is us that accepts the status quo and decides not to because we think we can make it.

Belief is one thing we as humans don’t lack. We think things, people and situations will change and improve but they rarely do. Hope steals years of your life while altering your expectations for the future.

Once something has been set in motion it will remain so until another force is enacted upon it. Seldom are we the person that imparts that force, we overestimate our own influence and others’ reluctance to change.

People only realise the gravitas of this reality too late, when they have been tortured by a lifetime of regret and been…



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