What’s the Point — We all die Anyway

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Why do we do anything? We don’t have to, everything we do, or don’t, is a conscious decision made in each moment of every day for the entirety of our lives arising from the ascription of importance we place on a particular task.

Think about that for a moment.

Why do you waste time doing anything you don’t love? We all do it. We work jobs we despise, we spend time with people we can’t stand and we go places that bore us to death. In short, we settle and all of us do it. Why do we settle? We don’t have to, none of us are sentenced to tedium resulting in our hate of our own lives.

Why don’t you love every day of your life? The only reason is because you don’t let yourself. We all make excuses about why things aren’t going our way but the reality is we get what we deserve in life, we get what we are willing to accept, otherwise we would have walked away, we’d have changed things. We don’t study and fail that test and bemoan our luck instead of berating our lack of preparation or we are mistreated and facilitate this by returning instead of running away.

I’ve given up a lot this year. I recognised the opulence and waste associated with social networking so I stopped cold turkey. Who cares what an acquaintance from school, who you weren’t even friends with 10 years ago, is having for dinner? Those things that mattered to me were instantly enriched, my focus wasn’t constantly being sapped by mind-numbing stupidity, and I was released to experience the joys of life without comparison.

I was able to become selfishly obsessed in focusing on the things that matter to me. This does not mean I was self-absorbed. On the contrary, instead of being seduced by the dark allure of the world behind my smartphone, I became in grossed in the real world in front of my eyes. I had more time to play with my kids, I could commit more time to my family and I instantly became far more productive in the things I was working on.

We fall in to the trap of failing to realise people only share the best elements of their lives online. They portray there best selves in such a way as to appeal to the interest of their friends, colleagues and family to gain attention. It’s like TV, you wouldn’t watch a serial drama if it was as mundane as real life, so people embellish details to make themselves more interesting. Social networking is the 21st centuries biggest lie.

I’d rather make myself more interesting that consume duplicitous nonsense the people telling it don’t even believe

So I write.

I do the things I love and I do it away from prying eyes and judgement. I write for me because it enables my mind to explore thoughts and ideas I don’t have anybody to discuss them with. Then I release them to the wild allowing them to be torn to shreds by the savage online world or not. Sometimes they don’t return but other times an idea germinates and grows. Either way I love the process all the same.

Often what I write is ignored, or it’s forgotten about, but I don’t care, I do it anyway. I love writing so I do it. I do the things I love enabling me to love the things I do. When I write, and work on my ideas, and develop my business, I feel like the best version of me because I don’t care what they result in or how people react. I’m free to soar and explore with impunity.

There are two types of people in the world; producers and consumers. By only accepting the latter role you forego the opportunity to influence development, and it is a conscious choice. The only thing that stops you becoming a creator of value is your willingness to do so.

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t — you’re right.

Attitude is everything. Life is about going from one failure to the next and overcoming the obstacles that stand in your way. Can you overcome the paralysis of inaction when you are at your lowest and rise again or will you succumb to the psychological barrier that stands in your way?

Are you happy to sit back and watch as the landscape shifts around you, silently consenting to the changes other make to your life or will you act? Only you can entice yourself to become a producer. If you’re not willing you will endure the fate you have accepted.

So I write, I create.

Perhaps one day it will amount to something, perhaps it won’t, but I’ve tried to leave a mark.

And really that is all that matters. Forget about changing the world, first you must change your own.

So the answer is it doesn’t matter, we all die anyway. So why not dare to be great? Why not permit yourself to create. Why not allow your dreams of changing the world inform the action you take.

Doing something, taking that initial step is the first on a march to revolution.

Lead or follow, you decide.

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Chris Herd is the Founder of Cleeyk. You can connect with him on Medium, Twitter,Facebook or Quora

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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