Where I Guarantee the Next Billion Dollar Consumer Brand Will Come From

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How much money do you spend each year on the same things?

What reward do you get for your Loyalty?

Crowd funding WAS awesome

BrewDog did this better than anyone — they created a lifestyle around a brand and aligned itself with evangelists who helped grow it exponentially. What emerged was a product defined not only by the beer it made but by the vocal supporters who passionately shared it with their friends and family.

What’s next?

The next step is ownership of products through consumer purchasing

What does that mean?

Doesn’t matter if the product is clothes, food, cars, makeup or a newspaper, the model works for anything. Imagine not just buying Coca-Cola but knowing that your choice gave you ownership of your favourite brand. Each product is a small token of ownership redeemed at purchase.

Consumer purchasing becomes a ‘mining’ protocol. Deflation of tokens distributed means consumers who buy your product earlier are rewarded more.

Your biggest supporters own the most of the brand, and that’s a great thing.

Those who buy more own more, those who share the brand with their friends and family stand to benefit the most from the growth in value of the brand.

I Guarantee a £B grows from this in next 5 years

If you are interested in building this get in touch!

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