Why AI Terrifies the World’s Greatest Minds and How it’s Inevitable Machines Will Take Over

AI’s most simple concept is terrifying

If it *only* reaches the same level of intelligence as us, it’s ability to operate at a far higher speed means that in 6 months it would have effectively operated for our equivalent of 500,000 years.

It has taken us around 200,000 years to reach where we are now as a species

In a period of 6 months for us, AI will have accumulated half a millions years worth of knowledge on top of everything we already know meaning that we will be unable to compete with them within days of them achieving the same levels of intelligence as us.

We won’t even have time to react because machines will have surpassed us literally within the blink of an eye.

In the same way we couldn’t relate to the earliest humans AI couldn’t relate to us

Or worse — Ants

When ants stay out our way we leave them alone. When they invade our homes or obstruct our intentions we obliterate them without a second thought. They are an insignificance that can be eradicated.

It is why AI is a zero sum game.

How would Russia or China react if they though the States were on the brink of such dominance?

How would they react if there were even murmurs of rumour that it was close?

This isn’t a technology that can be competed with — if you are 6 months ahead you have 500,000 years worth of knowledge more than the competition.

Then likely loses it all to the AI itself

This exceeds the Manhattan project by several orders of magnitude, both in terms of danger and graveness to the future of humanity.

This isn’t just the most likely outcome — it is inevitable

If any rate of progress is assumed it is unavoidable that we reach this point in the future.

In singular tasks, machine already bests us with ease. Chess, Jeopardy, and Go are all examples of this. Machines can lift far more than we ever could and calculate things that would take us years.

A computers ability to operate computationally millions of times quicker than we are able to comprehend is an insurmountable barrier to our operation alongside them.

Yet people are scared of what Crispr means for development of a different class of human. Sure, genes may be edited to create a superior human, more intelligent, more beautiful, less susceptible to serious illness — but they will still be human.

AI won’t be

If AI accumulates the equivalent of 2 years of our knowledge each minute we are finished. Potentially we already are — we have never taken a step back from an impending technological innovation because of it’s danger to the survival of humanity — just look at nuclear bombs.

It doesn’t even matter if they are benevolent

Eventually, they will be operating so far out of our realms of comprehension that their actions will affect us as a byproduct of their intentions.

And that is if you assume they only reach the equivalent intelligent as us and never progress past that.

But They will

All that it now requires is a way to combine all these individual elements of intelligence into a singular AI that is able to make use of them all. Vertically they already exceed us in every area. Horizontally they don’t come close. This is to mean their general intelligence lets them down in the broadness of their capability.

In the blink of an eye a single machine has accumulated years of human level knowledge.

It’s evolve or face extinction

Killed by our own creation

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