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Why Beating your Competition Only Makes you a Winner at a Losing Game

Competition is for losers

To be a success you need to invent a new game and master it

That is how every large business exists today

  • Amazon is the unquestioned monpoly of online sales + AWS
  • Apple is the unquestioned monopoly of hardware + the App Store
  • Facebook is the unquestioned monopoly of user data + messaging
  • Google is the unquestioned monopoly of search + email
  • Microsoft is the unquestioned monopoly of desktop + enterprise

The rest of their activities all overlap by design

If you listen to them that is what they will tell you

That is where you must look for your investments

But it is where you must develop your ideas

As soon as a company insists they aren’t a monopoly I start watching them — more often I invest in them

Competing for diminishing return is idiotic

The key to success is to grow so quickly that you discourage anyone from competing with you. You insulate yourself through a combination of exponential growth and customer adoration from your product. That is backbone to your monopoly.

The key understanding is that a monopoly does not only arise in markets where there is one business

Growth is a moat

Monopoly should always be your intention when starting a business

But you can only achieve that with continued customer support

Solve that problem and you won’t be stopped

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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