Why Being a Black Sheep is the Only Way to Become a Billionaire

There is one character trait that every successful person I have ever encountered all have.

An immunity to peer pressure

The key to succeeding in life is having an unwavering — almost deluded — conviction you’ll be successful

The trait they all share is a level of conviction that ordinary humans don’t have or can’t comprehend

They believe in their view of the world to an almost unrealistic extent

There is a famous study of this

Five people before them had all said the same thing so they are too scared to be contrarian. That’s how the human mind works, it will willingly avoids the potential for conflict or derision by submitting to the convictions of others when they should be more forthright and demanding.

The most successful among us have the ability to ignore the social pressure to comply because they don’t care if they are ostracised — they want to win

The most successful among us are wired differently. They don’t experience this the same as other people. To build innovative and revolutionary products or services you need to be pursuing things that are counter intuitive and often things which at the time appear to be awful ideas.

But they aren’t stubborn

If the front door won’t open they try the back door

If the back door isn’t open they try the window

If the window isn’t open they smash down the door

They never become to fixated on any one particular path — they have a goal in mind and they take every path to get there

No is never a no — it’s only a temporary rejection from one source. There’s a whole world to pursue in pursuit of acceptance and success

You only need one other person to believe your view of the world to begin realising it

But you must possess the capability to show ignorance towards the things that will distract you from your mission

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