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Why Hate Should be your Rocket Fuel

Too young and people belittle you for your lack of experience.

Too old and you’ll listen to jobes about no longer being innovative or current.

Everybody has a word for what you are doing without recognition for the fact you are out there busting your ass for a dream.

That’s the real world.

Read the comments on some of my articles and you’ll be treated to an inquisition of questions based on my relative age and experience, or lack thereof dependent on your opinion.

‘Don’t tell what to do, you haven’t lived yet to know what it means.’

There’s nothing wrong with that but never let another persons opinion deter you from building your dream.

I’ll temper those concerns by providing my two cents on what I’ve found on my journey.

There are two type of people, actors and consumers.

Which one are you?

You’ve got the people putting on the show and the people consuming the product. Creation and consumption are the two competing instruments of the world, while one can’t exist without the other both fail to recognise the importance of the opposite party.

So we patronise arrogantly thinking we know best.

That what both parties do. We critique the other without a sound base for the opinions we form. We see the other, people different from ourselves, and fail to appreciate the unique insights and experiences which have enabled the formation of their beliefs.

We clench our fists instead of opening our arms.

Criticism is great. It enables you to reinterpret your own performance through the eyes of someone else. Everyone is the greatest performer in the world in our own mind, by embracing external comment we can open our eyes to a world we cannot see.

This is true for all walks of life, be that in business or your personal life, politics or religion. We judge without seeking to be judged ourselves.

We only see the narrative we have written about ourselves, but sometimes its essential to listen to the noise. To improve we need to first understand the changes we must make.

The best performers in the world never remain static. They are constantly reevaluating their positions and their beliefs. They purposefully break down elements of their performance and dissect their weaknesses.

Those external questions, even if they come in the form of hate, are sincere.

They are harshened criticism that often rings true.

Most people don’t listen. The truth hurts. Vitriol hurts. The only remedy is to get better.

That means you have to be relentless.

You’ll always be too something in the eyes of something else. Whether that too young, too old, too masculine, too tall, too small, too stupid, too small. These labels are brandished carelessly but they don’t have to be accepted.

Instead of allowing these labels to stick internalise and dispel them.

Embrace them as weaknesses and develop strength that outweighs them.

How relentless are you?

Relentlessness is the most powerful characteristic you can ever develop.

Do you let obstacles deter you?

Do you allow negativity to get you down?

Do you apply what you are told and let it become what you actually are?

If you are relentless nothing stops you. Nothing stands in your way.

Be Brave. Be Relentless.

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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