Why do we let Business Rob us Blind?

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Because it’s the price you’re asked and expected to pay?

Because it’s the RRP?

Because you doubt you possess the power and influence to obtain a more favourable deal on the basis you are only one person?

Or is it because we just accept the things we are told as fact and believe we are unable to influence certain things?

Truth is, nobody questions costs anymore. We accept the facts we are told as a fixed reality. We say things are expensive but we pay it anyway. It’s too much hassle for the meagre saving you might make.

We may spend time negotiating with our service provider when our mobile phone contact expires, insisting our loyalty deserves something more, but ultimately the only thing we succeed in achieving is getting a minimal cost reduction which is less favourable than new customers.

The reduction might make us feel better for a moment but it isn’t fair. We’re continually exploited by each and every company we regularly engage with. That is a universal fact.

Why do we continue to play this game?

The assumption that we can’t influence or expect favourable treatment on the basis of each of us being independent, and negotiating anything would have to be conducted alone, is one that has grown in prevalence in recent years.

Ask your grandparents and they’ll paint a completely different story.

Perhaps we have succumbed to the overpowering weight of marketing noise. We’ve been beaten down and sincerely believe the ‘deals’ we receive are already the best they have to offer therefore we avoid asking for anything better for fear of embarrassment.

Take a minute to think of the things you subscribe to each month and sum the total.

If you’re anything like me it will equate to around £230/$300.

  • Spotify or Apple Music
  • Netflix, Hulu or NowTV
  • Satellite Subscription
  • Broadband
  • Mobile phone
  • Newspapers, journals or magazines
  • Beauty bags
  • Amazon prime

And if you want to follow it through to a natural conclusion you could even include:

  • Car payments
  • Mortgage
  • Gas and utility payments
  • Food shopping

It all adds up.

The sad truth is that we have grown to accept it because it is the way things have always been. We do what we have grown accustomed to out of ease and security even if it is costing each of us a fortune.

But it doesn’t have to be like that, technology has changed all this.

It has cultivated the conditions where cooperation on a global scale is not just a possibility but an essential pre-requisite of future personal economic viability. Collective power trumps individualism every time.

Each of us feels alone but at no point have we ever been more connected to the other 7 billion people on the planet.

Humanity should be a global force which is stronger together, or it can allow itself to be bullied by big business into parting with more money than truly is necessary. Alone we are weak, together we are strong.

Unless we alter the rules in our favour we have no alternative.

These companies changed the playing conditions on us first and have exploited us ever since.

You used to buy you’re weekly shop from the local corner shop until large retailers moved in and cornered the market. The capitalist string of progress is defined by who vagrantly exploit this position.

It’s time to turn the tables.

What if instead humanity is a monopoly?

It’s time to become part of Cleeyk

Market economics dictate that when a company buys more of the same products the producers margins drop in order to give a wholesale price. This enables supplying companies to achieve a far higher turnover but to the detriment of profitability.

But the converse is not true. When more of us buy the same products or subscribe to the same services we do not gain the same advantage, we do not wield the same power. This is because companies want to maintain their profit margins for their investors.

Fact is we are playing their game by their rules when they should be dancing to the tune of the customers they serve.

If amazon is google for products, what would a facebook for consumers look like?

Cleeyk is my projection.

Sign up and experience the benefits of Cleeyk

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