Why Failing to Own Bitcoin will lead you to Financial Ruin

Do you want to be a slave to your money?

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What is Freedom?

Cryptocurrency affords you that opportunity. No bullshit, just facts.

Any relationship where your liberty is affected by another persons, bodies or entities decisions or choices means you are not free and you never can be. Any relationship with Government is a bond of slavery, dependence on their currency is the shackles which restrict us from being free.

That may seem overly simplistic but it is because its true. There is no distinction between the extent to which we can be free. We either are or we are not. It’s black or white. The control something or someone else has on our ability to be free is the extent to which we are in their debt and are subservient to them and their desires.

Many of the most prominent minds in the world realise this as reality. There is a reason recoinage has been employed throughout history as a means to control population. When people got out of line or had too much power the sovereign power broke their promise of money’s value and issued new coins.

Money evolved as the mechanism to enable the continued existence of slavery under the guise of free-market capitalism. Happy for you to dispute that.

You may think you’re free, but how free do you feel while you ‘slave’ away 9–5 for tokens which can be arbitrarily devalued by government to fund their agenda? This is what happened during the financial collapse of 2008 where the government took money out of our pockets to fund a bailout of the institutions who profited from taking massive risks with our money.

We are all slaves to the people who we depend on to protect the value of our money.

Cryptocurrency is the opposite of that relationship. There’s no leader or dictator, only code.

Money imprisons us with the government or central bank which oversees it. Decentralised ledgers create publicly transparent systems for which there is no dispute of ownership or value.

1 Bitcoin will always = 1 Bitcoin

£/$1 won’t always = £/$1

Think about it

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency suffer no such affliction. It is free and serves no master. Power does not manifest itself in the hands of a few, it is distributed across the entire network endowing each person who participates with the same power.

Everyone want’s to be free. That might be freedom of speech or freedom to go where we want when we want to. Make the choices which benefit you.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency means being in nobodies debt. It is a conscious choice to detach yourself from the systems which have been built to dehumanise relationships and devalue our wealth. These arbitrary constructs have meant that we rely on other people to determine our worth. Bitcoin detaches us from that model and establishes an economy designed for human relationships, not ones of interlinked dependence and idiocy.

Cryptocurrency is a hedge against government corruption and politicians not acting in mass public interest. Try and tell me that is something you are not concerned about? In a world where our leaders distrust their own intelligence services, we could all benefit from a decoupling of our reliance on them.

We don’t owe our governments anything. We are hostages to their intentions and always will be. We depend on their generosity to maintain our security while there is no real incentive for them to do so. Ultimately the trend is for everyone to eventually to act selfishly in their own self-interest. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency let you do that in the safest way imaginable.

Patriotism and national identity are weapons to purchase our loyalty. They are social currencies exploited to stop us asking questions. Money is the technology which enables them to do that to the greatest extent.

By all means, trust your government but don’t mortgage your future to someone you are a slave to. Everyone should buy and hold 1 Bitcoin.

It will be the token that guarantees your freedom

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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