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Why I Search For a Little Boredom Each Day

Think about it when was the last time you were actually bored?

Boredom has been replaced by a perpetual state of activity and it is to the detriment of creativity. Those moments where your mind has the opportunity to wonder as you day dream have been replaced by scrolling of social media and smart phone use.

Creativity has been strangled by technology

Critical thinking has been eradicated by mindless consumption of worthless content and status updates which rob you of your potential

Boredom is the antithesis of the modern world. We have been led to believe that to live properly we must alleviate boredom as much as possible.

“Only the boring are bored” — we are told

The increasing reality faced by the modern generation is the opposite. Only the free are bored. Smart phone use is this generations addiction. Its cigarettes without the health warning. It might not be effecting you physically in the same way as smoke and tar inhalation does, but it is equally as damaging to your future prosperity.

So I search for boredom as a path to enlightenment

I pursue inaction as a means to expanding my mind by allowing it the space to dream and conceive new solutions and opportunities

The science is simple

Every time your brain switches tasks you use up it’s most valuable daily resource — glucose. Glucose is the petrol that enables your brain to run, your changing task depletes this neural resource. This reduces your ability to think and gives you decision fatigue. There is a reason world leading performers eliminate the amount of decisions they make each day.

It gives them more energy to make better decisions

Optimisation of your thinking requires you to commit to giving your mind time and space to work. Smart phones and modern technology have disrupted our ability to do so on an unprecedented scale.

Every second is now filled with a technological alternative to thinking

Smartphones are engineered to meet our desire for always needing something to be happening. If it’s not we get restless and jumpy. If nothing is happening we wonder what’s wrong so we get busy abyout finding something to fill our attention.

We engineer situations to entertain ourselves and avoid boredom instead of embracing the opportunity to think clearly.

Boredom is the 21st Centuries Contrarian Truth

It is the secret that nobody knows and everybody misunderstands. It signifies success by providing you with experiential evidence that your time isn’t being cannibalised by technology.

Boredom means you’re not unconsciously consenting to the heist

The average adult spends 2 hours, 51 minutes on their smartphone every day.

Reclaiming this time liberates your mind

The only people who refer to their customers as users are drug dealer and software engineers. If you aren’t paying for a product — your attention is the product.

Boredom is good. Boredom is freedom. Boredom is creativity.

It unshackles you from the tyranny of technology and enables you to explore thoughts that are afforded the opportunity to bubble over beneath the surface.

To encourage this to occur all you have to do is turn off.

Untether yourself from your smartphone for periods of your day. Give yourself portions of time where you are free from technology. Get a sketchbook to record your idea, give yourself space and time to just think. This is a modern day luxury and something which puts you ahead of 99% of your peers.

If everyone else is wasting nearly 3 hours each day consuming instead of thinking imagine what you can achieve while they are busy

Boredom is a gateway to the imagination. It is a path to creativity. It is a route to a new future. If we forego boredom, we forfeit clarity.

Boredom means you have decided how you want to spend your time instead of being distracted from doing the hardwork that comes with deeper thinking.

If you’re bored you’re probably onto something

Written by

CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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