Why I Search for the Most Irrational and Unreasonable People in the World

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The people I admire most in the world are irrational and unreasonable.

They do things that nobody asks them to do and do it better than if someone had been paid to do it. They excel at the unexpected and make no promises while over delivering every single time. They are the people who redesign entire websites and deliver the product to the founders and give them no opportunity but to hire them. They provide unprecedented value without a promise or inclination that they will receive anything in return for their incredible effort. They are fearless in sharing these things with people others would feel are too important to pay any attention.

That is the first opportunity. The people we assume to be the most inaccessible have typically risen such a height that people no longer share their unfiltered ideas with them. What freedom it is for them to receive things again without the preciousness of power coloring the exchange. Repercussions are zero, the only risk is the investment of time you may never get back.

It’s present in the people who start companies and those who are the superstars that lead businesses to unprecedented success. It’s a relentless drive to achieve progress and force their viewpoint of the world. A society without any forces will remain the same, these people are the inertia that shifts what is stationary by accelerating it through their choices.

It’s the thing which has led me to find the most exciting opportunities in my life. Every time I have taken that level of risk it has been rewarded. 100% of the time. Here are a few:

  • I wrote 750 words a day for a year and a half
  • I reached out to the leaders of the UK’s most important businesses and told them what they could do to improve their platforms
  • I offered support to early-stage startups in order to develop competencies and experience I knew I would need

My reward for doing this was zero financially. I never received a penny for any of the above.

And sure, it took a massive amount of time to write those posts, create material for CEO’s with no expectation of getting anything in return or volunteer my time to startups. But it was worth it. 1000%. Not only would I do every single one of those things, but I would also do it far younger, more often and thoroughly.

It enabled me to gain experiences and exposure that would never have found me if I done nothing. That’s the other thing:

The world reacts favorably to people willing to make unreasonable and irrational effort in pursuit of progress. They inflict their will on the world and bet it to their will by taking actions rather than waiting.

That’s a super low barrier to potentially changing the world.

The people who change it hold no ego about this potential, feel no pretension of the scale or the impact of their creation, ideas or opinions will have on the world. But they are free. The irrationality borders on delusion. Such is the certainty that they possess the answers to a question that has never been asked, they are compelled to take it to the most important decision-makers in the world.

From there they wield unique power in shaping the future we will inhabit.

My Startup grew off the back of a serendipitous email exchange with the founder of the UK’s most impressive unicorn of the last decade. The seeds of a blog post planted years before led to the opportunity.

I felt confortable enough in my ideas to share them with someone whose contribution to the world was exponentially greater than my own.

And they listened.

I’ve done this on multiple occasions throughout my life. I do things other people would never consider a possibility, and that imagined barrier makes it easier than anyone could ever imagine to get someones attention.

That is the truth of the world.

Perception is our biggest barrier. It stops us realizing our potential or directing the world to become a better place. We accept things as they are now as the way they will always be because nobody has tried to change them. What if you did?

Instead, we stand back and watch as other people do it.

This post is to tell you that you are powerful beyond measure, that’s what most people are scared of. What if I do something and it leads to something huge. What if the implications are than I’m not qualified enough to do what ive suggested?

Good — that means you are putting yourself out of your comfort zone and taking risks!

The most powerful truth in the world is that everything that we use or that effects our lives — laws, products, services, customs — were created by people no smarter than you.

Will you?

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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