Why I Stopped Writing to Make you Happy

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I wrote for you all, to make you happy and entertain you, to brighten your day or educate you on something which I found interesting. I sought to inspire by telling stories, daring you to dream and challenging you to pursue creation.

But i’m done. My pursuit of ubiquitous like has led me down a path of little love. By trying to cater to the broadest spectrum of my audience I failed to reach you on a level which inspired sincere joy and affection. The quality of my content has suffered because I lost focus on what really matters. Instead of challenging readers intellectually, introducing novel concepts or highly developed visions of the future, my writing regressed and became stale.

Writing is hard. It’s easy to be seduced by the vanity metrics and believe your own hype, I did. Followers, views, reads and applause are great, but I want to make great content even if that means only a few people love what i’m doing. My goal is to create content which makes a difference, that resonates with people and sparks a reaction. The reason I know my writing is regressing is because the comments — which were the central pillar of my most successful period of writing — have dried up.

My target to reconnect is simple, write content that only 10% of my audience are fanatical about. My goal is to write content that fewer people like in pursuit of finding more people who are desperate to share, develop and discuss my ideas. I need to rediscover my roots and focus on the things that intrigue me, and through that I know I will reconnect with the right audience.

That may sound counter intuitive, but the mathematics are fairly clear. I typically write something every day, therefore every two weeks, if i’m doing it right, I will create a piece of content that makes a difference to you. To me that is far more important that you vaguely nodding along to three posts in that same time period.

I need to create content which is bolder, braver and more contrarian.
I must imagine a more innovative, exciting or disturbing future.
I will craft more disagreeable, unique and unimaginable realities.

I will also pursue a renewed vigour towards the topics I cover. The future, blockchain, money, technology and the journey of starting a business will form the foundations of all my writing. Occasionally I will dive into the world of ICO’s and Startup companies that I think will change the world.

Brace yourself for more opinions, deeper analysis and a more forthright depiction of a forthcoming reality.

My writing will return to what it was in times gone past. An open look into my journal of fascination. That will give way to the development of those idea irrespective of any possibility of realisation. A Utopian — or Dystopian — world will emerge from that collection of incoherent musings and form the basis of my hopes and dreams for what the world will become. I will explore the consequences of such changes and develop opinions focused on both the forces for good that this will enforce, or how it will come to damage the fabric of our society.

And finally it will focus on what it means to start a technology business in 2018. I’m inviting you to become part of the journey, to profit from what I am creating and destroy the banking industry together. We can lower the cost of living for everyone, simplify the process of payment for all your recurring expenses and uncover tomorrows most innovative companies. I can’t do it without your help. If you want to find out more join the conversation here!

CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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