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Why I Study Companies Operating at the Edge of Legality

The best ideas generally look terrible at conception due to the obstacles they must overcome to achieve success. To build innovative and revolutionary products or services you need to be pursuing things that are counter-intuitive, appear destined to fail or aren’t legally permitted.

When I say ‘aren’t legally permitted’ I don’t mean things which are illegal. I refer to things which there is no laws against but know you are operating against the spirit of what the existing legislation permits.

Find what is currently legally permitted and explore the consequences of taking that a stage further

So they just did it

It’s far better to ask for forgiveness having done something wrong than to ask permission and wait for it to come not knowing whether it ever will

They started something without considering any possible objection to what they were doing. When objections inevitably arose they were able to negotiate from the point of having started something which was successful and the public loved.

Had they asked for permission, Airbnb and Uber wouldn’t exist because they wouldn’t be allowed to operate the way they do now. Their business models and success are as a direct consequence of shaping the regulation that will arise to govern their innovation. They set a baseline and forced the government to conform to their new paradigm instead of the other way round.

The Future

My contrarian belief is that advertisement will die as a form of revenue generation in the next 10 years

How will these tech giants evolve to dominate web 3.0?
I look towards innovators who are already finding ways to generate revenue out with the traditional model Google adverts displayed on each webpage. They are offering illegal services on their websites and therefore cannot employ traditional methods of earning money.

Companies will emerge that enable the consumption of content without the necessity for users to pay creators or service providers directly. For low CPU usage tasks — watching video, reading articles, social networks, photo sharing, almost every task you undertake online — services will tax you a % of your CPU usage and use that to mine Crypto which will be distributed to the creator according to how long you spent watching, reading or using what they made. That is where the next great company will emerge from, enriching creators in a way that rewards their contributions.

Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain

On the other hand, had the government forced you to consider an alternative to traditional financial institutions, you may have been forced to adopt it with no viable alternative available for you to consider.

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When constraints are placed upon people they are forced to adapt of die, this is a compelling incentive to reinvent the world we live in

That’s why I focus on people operating at the edge

They can innovate beyond what is even conceived as a possibility.

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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