Why I Waste so Much Time Imagining the Future

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Imagining the future fascinates me for numerous reasons, but mostly because it will be the manifestation of the things we collectively imagine and implement. We are the creators of a destiny our children will inherit. What is imagined today will be created tomorrow and impact and influence how the world evolves from there. What we invent becomes a new benchmark for human progress and each generation has the opportunity to iterate on the world they have inherited. We are as much a product of our times as we are of the future our children will improve.

Progress is relentless, and history never repeats itself, but if you listen carefully and pay attention to the signs you will see that it rhymes.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time considering technological innovation arks and how that will impact humanities future. In many ways we are only limited by what technology allows. We are constrained to this planet because we have not yet invented the means to walk among the stars. In the same way we were forced to emulate birds to soar the skies, and whales to explore the ocean, we must relentlessly pursue more exciting horizons to ensure our continued pursuit of progress.

‘The future arises from the things people like us create. ‘Everything around you that you call life was made up and created by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use’ — Steve Jobs

We fail to realise the volume of knowledge we have amassed as a species. We are the only ones who can reliably and consistently create fire. I can access a philosophical text written thousands of years ago, or consume a track published on SoundCloud 5 minutes ago at the same time. That is incredible. Yet we take it for granted, or we fail to exploit the advantage we have. Instead of reinventing the wheel we have the accumulation of all human knowledge available at our fingertips. We can borrow parts of innovations and redeploy them in new novel ways to achieve amazing feats.

Where we haven’t got answers we can look towards natures for hints. We can see how insects repel water or how they are able to turn solar power to energy more efficiently. We can explore historical precedent and reinterpret it in ways that utilise the technology of the day. Every business model is similar, only they alter and evolve to fit into what is required.

Progress is guaranteed. The ease in which we have access to information is unprecedented in human history. And what comes next is determined by what we already know, married to our inquisitiveness about whats possible. We need to understand how to integrate individual disciplines and combine disparate intelligence leading to the cross pollination of idea. We need experts, tinkerers and dreamers to work together to collectively improve the world. Individually we lack decterity, collectively we can put man on the moon.

At the intersection of what we are currently capable of and what we dream is possible is where the newest ideas will arise from. The future is in the heads of us all, but it is only realised if we are brave enough to implement the things we dream of. Only action can lead to birth, inspiring a new wave of innovation. Each development opens the doors to new avenues of possibilities.

What is promised in sci-fi novels only becomes reality is we are bold enough to chase it. Utopia or dystopia will be determined by the way in which we implement the promise of a technologically advanced civilization.

But the dream is what the seed needs to germinate. Without fantastical, impossible thoughts we will accept our perceived limitations. Only by refusing to accept them can we hope to achieve the unimaginable. Dreamers and thinkers mustn't ever be chastised, they must be encouraged to imagine develop bolder and brave visions ignoring the stigmatic dogmatism of what we believe we are capable of.

Flying cars,multi-planetary species, these once unimaginable thoughts are translated by visionaries in a way that fills us with hope. Each of us has the power to be the person who interprets what future will become.

Only then can we hope to reach enlightenment

Life is both a marathon and a sprint. We must never slow down, and we can never stop. Stagnancy is a destroyer of civilisation. Complacency is the death of humanity.

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