Why I’m Not Brave Enough to Share The Thing I’m Most Proud of Achieving this Year

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Most posts like this feature a lengthy beginning, which builds suspense and mystery, a middle which contains a shocking revel through to an end which is reflectionary and ties together the learnings and personal growth you made during the discovery process.

The thing i’m most proud of this year is rediscovering my voice. I lost it for a long time, criticised to the point of paralysis, I grew increasingly wary of exposing that part of myself to the world. Feeling mocked and belittled by someone who had my trust I have suppressed it for a decade and a half.

I write poetry

A collection of words specifically chosen due to both their meaning and how they must collaborate with one another appeals fervently to my personality. The conveyance of meaning, almost peculiarly, due to the selection of words utilised is a startlingly human endeavour that makes me consider what I am trying to say in far more depth that I typically can. Words all have meaning, but poetry offers more. It’s about the image and feelings you can conjure up in someone else through the painstakingly particular descriptions and images you portray.

Poetry captures a moments, a time or a feeling in an instant. The word’s embody the emotion exposed, unveiling simple truths of the human condition. Love, death, peace or war, poetry has better revealed it’s truths than any book could.

I’m too scared to share them yet because I never want to experience the pain of being degraded by a mentor or teacher again. That was the catalyst that cemented my stance.

Even when I refused to acknowledge their existence by recognising them on paper, they comforted me while I was alone or mocked me due to lacking the bravery in embracing them. Poetry is unique in its ability to capture beauty in simplicity. Simple language often belies the complexity of the thing those words depict. Images constructed which enlighten an entire spectrum of human emotion in verses of 4 words. Poetry is unique in it’s ability to effect us. A book can carry that power equally but it does so across a volume of pages unpalatable to the majority of people.

A poem is a verse, or a page and can impact you immediately following consumption. Each pause permits you the chance to imagine, invoking thoughts and feelings or crystallising images in your head.

And brevity is a empowering

Anyone can carelessly brandish words on a page clouding the opportunity to convey all that you are trying to say. Poetry requests the mastery of thought in the most remarkable of ways. You aren’t just communicating, you are setting a mood. The words become notes on a musical score, controlling the tempo at which you consume them, altering the depth of emotion, or distilling the essence of sweet disposition into words than can ubiquitously understood.

It’s helped me understand

Having had the time to reflect and evolve it is now apparent how easy it is to shoot down the dreams of those people striving to achieve something different. It is far harder to consider the impact of your words on someone else — and critically judge their intention — than it is to encourage them with unbridled expectations while offering assistance or advice with improving.

Poetry is a vehicle for expansive understanding. In a world drowning in vitriol and divisive campaigns poetry offers hope. If words possess the power to inflict such pain and cause wars, words can also become the antithesis which heals and remediates the repugnant.

Words can recognise the similarities we share instead of amplifying the differences aggressors would brandish at us. When you read something that speaks to you we can understand that universal understanding is a human trait irrespective of creed, colour or religion. Words are the currency we can use to buy peace if we are willing to pay the price of constructing them in ways that move people.

I haven’t found it yet, but I’m trying

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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