Why Imagination is the Only Thing You Need to Change the World

Chris Herd
5 min readFeb 8, 2019

Our ability to imagine the future is limited only by our imaginations. Everything we use or recognise — from homes to cars, packaged food to medical supplies — has emerged due to someone, or a collection of people, daring to imagine a better alternative to what currently exists.

That is the string which entwines humanity from the moment we took our first steps, to the second we set off in exploration of the stars. Our ability to not just imagine, but create products which significantly improve every aspect of our lives is unique to our species. Whether that is in the eradication of disease, defence against threats or travel we have relentlessly innovated on top of the currently available technology of the day to achieve higher efficiency or better performing alternatives.

Human Knowledge Compounds Relentlessly

The evolution from horse to car was massive. The change from human labour to machinery even more significant. The thing is though, had you asked the owners of these things at the time how they could improve on what they currently have, they would have asked for a greater number of more efficient workers and a faster horse. Their will always be dissent or opposition to progress, but every revolution in history has led to the significant increase in the quality of life we experience.

Our ability to invent the future is constrained by our ability to imagine a new future, but also by our ability to link apparently unrelated tasks and discoveries. It’s in developing new competencies between disparate portions of knowledge. Knowledge is one thing, you can know that computers exist, but know how is the most crucial piece of the puzzle and that means understanding how things work. You can understand the consequences of the atomic bomb without possessing the ability to create it

Fantasizing about things is easy, building them is hard

But build them we must. To evolve and progress we must expand our capacity to create. We must encourage dreamers to chase their dreams and pick them up when they fail. Only by taking risk in pursuit of the most daring goals can we ever hope to make innovation a reality. Dreamers must become creators or be…



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