Why Millennials Will be Remembered as Savages

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The year is 2057

Life is good. The marginal cost of all technology plummetted to near Zero 25 years ago and since then your want for anything was eradicated. Everything except travel. But what’s the point in traveling when you can inhabit a Bot anywhere in the world through virtual reality and explore that region as if you were physically present. You’re no longer tethered to the surface either, those new amphibious bots allow your exploration of anywhere on the planet. The Mariana Trench is the most popular tourist destination on earth, though it’s so busy nobody goes there anymore.

Note ‘most popular destination on earth’ we’ve left the blue marble. Those bots allow us to achieve the unimaginable. Want to recreate the first moonwalk? You can, and many have, but there is a 13-month wait.

Which is unlucky because the destruction of blue collar jobs fantasized by so many academics came after white collar jobs. And you had the whitest of collars. Exploration of space would certainly occupy 5 minutes of your new found time. Pity you’ve already taken your allocated trip this decade.

Which is funny because you were so certain that your job would be almost impossible to replace. You could write a whole laundry list of reasons why you were irreplaceable, but along came General Artifical Intelligence and killed your industry. Every industry really. When a system can implement its own upgrades why would it need you? Killed in so far as your utility, recreated it at zero cost in its image. It now helps 100X as many people as you could at 1000X cheaper. It’s embarrassing humanity ever did it.

Government retraining schemes failed because governments are the walking dead. They still take taxes, but who gets paid in Fiat Currency anymore? They exist in form without any remnant of spirit. The highest office is occupied by some social media influencer who promised free access to their twitch stream for anyone who voted for him. Doesn’t matter, he doesn’t have any power to make any decisions anyway, but full access to the Oval office attracts millions of users a day. The president spends his time triggering the masses by shit posting to his 7 billion patrons. Transparency has its benefits though, everyone understands politics now, a useless endeavor that makes no difference to the existential challenges we face.

Everyone owns everything which means nobody owns a thing. Your journey to the ‘meaning center’ was facilitated by an autonomous single human transporter shaped like a pill and shot through a vacuum tube at 2.5 times the speed of sound. You arrived in under 4 minutes having spent the time ‘optimizing the network’ which amounts to ‘biocertifying’ a range of nanoparticles for consistency. It’s busy work but your name will be recorded as 1 of 10 billion of the public blockchain and your reward will come in the increase to your reputation.

Which is amusing because it’s like you are back at pre-school. The meaning center operates as an opportunity to work on the things that appeal to you. Meaning in so far as your life matters. Matters in so far as you’ve got a purpose. Purpose in so far as you’ve got nothing better to do.

Reward-based currency is attributed as per your contribution to humanity. The stars of the show capture the collective imagination of the many. That means the richest people are those who have given themselves to humanity. Like Kylie Jenner on steroids.

Kylie Jenner? The Presidents Mother. The first woman president. Of the Americas. Doesn’t matter, but did you know their existed countries and borders even this century?

Not much point with a level of migrations that overwhelmed European Union. Africa’s population growth to 4 Billion was only problematic because the rest of the world never paid attention. The biggest humanitarian crisis in history wasn’t the poverty and depravity of the 20th century, it arose from the majority of the continent rising out of poverty only for the consumer goods that they had grown to need evaporating due to a collapse of the supply chain due to a lack of raw materials. Sanitary products, teeth brushes, Coca Cola gone. Would you have stayed? 2037 was a terrible year for a number of reasons but it marked the inflection point where humanity collective emerged as a single consciousness. Difference eviscerated by the implants into our retinas which destroyed bias of every type.

It’s lunchtime now and your pottery has been approved to be digitized. You now have the opportunity to earn a few credits if anyone on the Nets decides to adorn their Villa with it. Probably not though, there are 79 trillion alternative choices. In this color.

Your parents ate like savages. The civil rights movement was the biggest thing during your great-grandparents lifetimes. The animal rights movement abolished the consumption of anything conscious. Protein is grown in sheets before being liquidized. Every amino acid contained. Consumed at the filling station.

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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