Why my Startup is the Future of your Money

Whether you want to believe it or not, the future of all money is digital.

It’s in blockchains and cryptocurrency replacing everything we have come to know. Gone are the days of pennies weighing you down as we evolve to deal with the inefficiencies of money — if you’re anything like me you will struggle to remember the last time you even carried cash on. Every purchase is made via the medium of a debit or credit card enabling the transaction.

What is money? Effectively, it is whatever we collectively believe it is

Money is an intellectual construct which exists to enable the exchange of value. That is all. Money no longer stands for or means anything. It’s worth is no longer tied to anything of intrinsic value and hasn’t been for nearly 50 years. The gold standard was relaxed in the 1930’s and completely abolished in 1971. Currency being tied to an asset or commodity stopped at this point.

At the same time, the institutions we entrust without hard earned cash were bailed out by our tax dollars to avoid the impending apocalypse they caused due to their inability to check their greed. Worse still, they were never punished for the implications of their actions. We are still paying for the harm they cause now, yet we have little alternative byways of managing our financial health.

Would you rather

Keep using the same service, whose mistakes you are still paying for through taxpayer bailouts and who exploit your money to make themselves richer while providing you little value in return.


Partner with a service who only succeed when you become wealthier, use your data to save you money and provide more transparency for the things you buy. That is the future.

This is Nexves

Nexves is the future of money because it becomes the foundational layer of infrastructure required to enable the emergence of web 3.0

  • Web 1.0 gave rise to internet
  • Web 2.0 gave rise to the giants who dominate it
  • Web 3.0 will give rise to distributed networks that take it back

The goal isn’t to improve financial management, it’s to create a new system and alter the paradigm of all behaviour online. It’s to build and provide a route to the future of money through a standard current account which becomes the ramp to a new horizon by providing a route to participation with no barriers and little risk. Nexves marries a FinTech money management platform with a cryptographically secure wallet enabling the rise of the next wave of the internet. Distributed participation on an unprecedented scale.

The future of everything is in distributed networks of collaborators acting as swarms for mutual self-interest. It’s in a network of users taking the same actions to ensure collective profit from the resulting implications.What rises is a new system for participation on the internet, where you are rewarded financially for any/all data you create. You reclaim ownership of the value you create and we enable you to profit from it.

The Product Development Roadmap

The First Spoke — Own revolutionary Companies

Interest rates are worse than terrible. On Nexves you forego interest in return for Cryptotokens, accrued in relation to the percentage of total funds you have on the platform for a calendar month, which entitles you to ownership of startup companies the Nexves venture fund invests in.

How this breaks down in practice is simple: if 10 people have £1,000 in their account they each get 10% of the tokens at the end of the month. If someone came in the next month and put £10,000 in he’d get 50% of the tokens, the other 10 would get 5% each.

If we invest in a company worth over a Billion £/$ the first 10,000 users on the platform would receive between £/$8–10,000 each, on average.

The Second Spoke — Earn Significant Capital

Bank’s offer you no opportunity to increase your wealth, outwith derisory interest payments. The first spoke of Nexves decentralises the beneficiaries of success from the bank itself to the people like you who form it. The profits created won’t go to fund outsized bonuses to oversized bankers, they go into your pocket.

The second spoke let’s you earn money while increasing the likelihood that the investments the venture fund makes succeed.

On the platform there will be a marketplace where you can complete a task and receive additional tokens, increasing your entitlement to future profits from the fund. This could be something as simple as sharing a message on your social media profile or requesting that your supermarket begins stocking a certain product. The power of this is only realised through the power of a large network. One person completing these tasks might not make much of a dent, but imagine the influence of 10,000 people sharing this at the same time, or even 1 million.

Collectively everyone benefits by acting together in mutual self-interest. You influence the growth of your investment and you are paid for its success.

Simultaneously, you will be rewarded for discovering potential investments or acquisitions. Make a recommendation that leads to investment and you will be rewarded with a large number of tokens. Had you referred Facebook to Nexves under this model, you would now be a Millionaire. The only problem is that if you had discovered facebook at this stage there is nothing you could have done. Nexves changes that.

What it enables is universal access to asset classes which the 99% cannot get access to. This prevents you from benefiting from the most successful investment opportunities of the last 30 year. Nexves is a democratisation of access, and due to the model we are going to employ, it encourages these companies to take our investment over traditional venture capital funds.

What you become part of is a network-as-a-service which lets companies grow at a far lower cost while increasing your own profits.

The Third Spoke — Save lots of Money

The third spoke is a collective bargaining platform which uses the data you provide to save every user a large amount of money. Take a minute to visualise all the information banks have on your spending, and every other user on their platform, what do they do with this to help you save money? Absolutely nothing.

At Nexves we will analyse the recurring monthly spending of every user and benchmark it against the platform. Where you aren’t the lowest paying user for the same service we will tell you how much more you are paying, and provide you with the contact information required to lower your costs. For individuals we have already analysed, they save £600 a year on average.

The next step will be to do this all automatically and negotiate these costs down on your behalf without you having to do anything. You save as a by-product of having an account — all for free.

From there we will expand to conduct the renewals of your car and home insurances, gas and electric supplier, broadband and mobile phone providers. We realise how time-consuming and frustrating entering the same information year after year can be — so we will do it for you and make sure that you always pay the lowest price possible for every service you need.

The Remaining Spokes — How we will Evolve

Spokes to this system will be introduced gradually — we have a large roadmap of features we intend on implementing in the next 18 months.

What Nexves will become is the foundation layer of infrastructure required for the development of web 3.0. We let you participate in this new world.

Nexves is the future of your Money

Begin funding your future today and stand with other people who believe that wealth should be distributed and democratised now



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