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Why Successful Entrepreneurs Must Invest in the Future to Assure Innovation

The Launch of a New Age of Venture Capital

Silicon Valley is the centre of the Tech Universe, as such almost every significant funding for a developing startups originates or has roots there. This culture of sharing, supporting and promoting up and coming companies is the most significant aspect of the region’s dominance and is the thing which assures it remains the jewel of the tech world.

In almost every other hub for significant industry, there is an insular individualism which is marked by secrecy and hiding that prevents innovation. The leaders of these cities should have impregnated them with a daring appetite for risk inviting dreamers to imagine a new world while enabling them to create it. The biggest companies shouldn’t be monopolising profits they should be enabling the future by investing in it.

Things remaining as they have always been, or regressing which is often the case, is symptomatic of the wider problem we face. Cities and companies should be planning for the future not erecting barriers which prevent progress and eliminating competition. Why aren’t there funded accelerators for companies at the cutting edge of renewable energy in Scotland? Why don’t we encourage our engineers to solve bigger problems instead of letting them reinvent the wheel? Our smartest people shouldn’t be working on increasing how many people click on advertisements they should be working on whatever is the new mission to the moon.

Fortunately, it’s never too late to make a change. To be that change we need bolder industry leaders willing to make small bets with their success. Are the willing to do that?

In almost everywhere aside from Silicon Valley the answer is a resounding no. The problem this leads to is that simultaneously there is a drain of finance from the area they have operated within, as they set off into the sunset, as well as an erosion of industry expertise which should be passed on.

Those who experience unfathomable economic success owe it to themselves and the industry they have left to leave something behind. Their legacy might not depend on it but without it, the innovation they have led is likely to wither and die.

In my experience it isn’t an intrinsic ignorance that prevents this, it is a lack of knowledge or understanding of how to pursue it. They need to be connected with the innovator and dreamers of tomorrow in order to lift them up.

Today we are launching Anarch.VC which seeks to fund your ideas and bring your dreams to life. If you have a business idea and you don’t know what is the next step to take please reach out to us —

If you know any businesses or individuals we should talk to or invest in please refer them to us —

Any introduction that leads to an investment will be rewarded with a portion of equity in the company. Had you been the person to introduce Peter Thiel to Facebook, with our model, you would have received $10 million.

What are you waiting for?

Got a StartUp idea or know someone who does? Recommend a company to and get 1% equity in any business we invest in

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