Why the Blockchain Promises a Safer Future and how big Business Will try to Kill it

Chris Herd
5 min readFeb 7, 2018

The World is Changing Before our Eyes

The future of everything is in the crowd — through distributed networks and blockchains which enable privacy, collaboration and trust on an unprecedented scale.

This is the next revolution. Individuals taking back power from governments, companies and agencies by reclaiming their privacy and anonymity. Blockchains remove the need for government intervention in areas the public no longer trust them to control and they remove the need for Tech companies to sell our data to the highest bidder.

Where the internet has stolen our identity and compelled us to share such an abundance of information for the commercial gain and exploitation of only a few companies the blockchain promises a safer path forward. We have surrendered our privacy in exchange for access to services — the platitude of if the product is free then you are the product has never been more true — but the Blockchain offers the opportunity to turn the tide.

Why the Age of Startup Isn’t Over

I’ve read a lot recently about how the age of the Startup is over — the big 5 are now so big that they will buy up any and all innovation. When that becomes the general consensus I believe there is no bigger opportunity. The contrarian truth is that we are standing at the cusp of the third wave of the internet. These companies have consolidated Web 2.0, while Web 3.0 will be the antithesis of everything these companies have come to stand for.

Where they have hoarded their data, erected walls and created insular platforms to exploit users by harvesting data for commercial gain, a distributed alternative will emerge to each which disrupts everything you have come to expect marking another massive paradigm shift. Companies will eventually emerge that dwarf all that we see now but they will ne entirely different. Where your data is currently collected and held within massive server farms by these companies, you will become the arbitrator of your own destiny by choosing what information you want to share with which services.Instead of willingly offering up information — these companies will request it with the offer of rewards if you…

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