Why the Blockchain Promises a Safer Future and how big Business Will try to Kill it

The World is Changing Before our Eyes

The future of everything is in the crowd — through distributed networks and blockchains which enable privacy, collaboration and trust on an unprecedented scale.

Why the Age of Startup Isn’t Over

I’ve read a lot recently about how the age of the Startup is over — the big 5 are now so big that they will buy up any and all innovation. When that becomes the general consensus I believe there is no bigger opportunity. The contrarian truth is that we are standing at the cusp of the third wave of the internet. These companies have consolidated Web 2.0, while Web 3.0 will be the antithesis of everything these companies have come to stand for.

Micropayments Make the World go Round

Blockchains enable a world where micropayment becomes the norm, significantly reducing friction by enabling the turnover of currency to occur at a far higher frequency. If minuscule denominations of currency can be exchanged without the need for any discussions between parties payments can happen both instantaneously and in full.

There’s even more to it than that

Smart contract enable the exchange of tiny fractions of currency without the need for you to do anything. If you set up a contract that deducts 0.00000001 Bitcoins for every minute you spend on a website, smart contracts would exchange this when the terms were met. The producer doesn’t have to request payment and the consumer doesn’t have to pay anything — it just happens.

Trust is built into the system as a pre-requisite or participation

If you weren’t a believer at the start of the year you may be starting to come round to the thinking now. Blockchain is the innovation, Cyptocurrency is the means of participation. In order to ensure your privacy remains private, it is essential that anonymous exchanges can occur while maintaining trust at a higher than can be achieved in an analogue world.

Big business realises how disruptive this will become

You are already witnessing the reaction

Big business are trying to craft the blockchain in their own image, diluting its potential for good by trying to implement private blockchains which they own. Instead of allowing it to remain a private utility which ensures trust between strangers they are redeploying the technology under their own banner.

Why would they do this?

Simply put, it enables them to significant reduce their expenses while maintaining the same revenue. They can do the same with far less, increasing the reliability of the service while simultaneously reducing the risk. The blockchain reduces the length of time it takes for transactions to be process while also reducing the amount of human labour required to confirm them. The blockchain allows banks and service companies do more work, at a lower cost more quickly. It reduces their dependence on human labour while reducing the risk they take when processing transactions between parties.

Why we Can’t let Them Dilute the Protocol

Where the blockchain promised a distributed ledger owned by nobody, banks and big business see an opportunity to possess even more information than they already do while arbitrarily inserting themselves as the gate keepers to this new world. They are looking to remain the intermediary in a system where one isn’t required.

For the blockchain to be the revolution in trust, transparency and participation that it’s creators envisioned we must fight against to oppression of our freedom by big businesses looking to maintain their monopoly.

Only we can stop them

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