Why The Next World War’s Between Us and Our own Governments and How it’ll be Fought with Crypto and the Blockchain

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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency changed everything

Cryptocurrency provides us with a hard currency, Blockchain is the immutable ledger which protects our wealth and a deflationary currency ensures our wealth doesn’t erode like sands draining through a timer.

That’s what Bitcoin does for you now

And money exists only in our imaginations — for nearly 100 years no currency has been worth the paper it is printed on. There’s no commodity or asset which underpins the value stored within, it is a literal fabrication built on the house of cards called debt. Too many people stop believing and the value tumbles? Don’t believe it’s as simple as that? Look at what’s happening in Turkey right now. Research what’s happened in Venezuela.

This is real — it’s happening right now

For the first time in history, today’s generation isgoing to be worse off than our parents. We already struggle to pay off crippling student debt, wages aren’t high enough for us to buy homes and we are going to be forced to work longer in order to pay the bill coming due for social security and pensions.

Do you think this is fair?

All the while we are forced to live with the consequences of decisions we haven’t made. Trump in America, Brexit in the UK, the Elderly population has poisoned the future, while governments implement policies for them because they vote.

At the same time, the elderly own homes and are benefiting from the massive growth in property prices. We have to fund their retirement, need to pay them a massive premium for their homes, are saddled with government debt for services we haven’t used and things we have received no benefit from.

And we are meant to be grateful?

Where’s your patriotism we’re asked?

This great war is already being fought, it’s only whether you are willing to notice the evidence that it is growing. Governments fortifying their control and power over us is the first sign. A rise in verbal discrimination between gender, cultural and racial differences is another. We must reject the hate and discredit the sources that these things arise from like the plague and stand together with people.

The answer isn’t boundaries or segregation it’s collaboration on a global scale. It isn’t Tarriff’s or Closed borders its freedom of trade and movement. There are no such things as immigrants or illegals, only people, partners and potential friends.

Any government, organisation or person who argues against any of these things only utilises fear as a means of control. Defending it with the worst thing happening is a convenient strawman which ignores the reality of truth.

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain can become weapons for us to fight for this future in the most non-violent way imaginable. Non-conformance and refusal to participate in a world which is stacked against us isn’t dereliction of duty or sacrilege to the generations that have built the world we inhabit. It is the bravest thing we could do because it asserts our belief that the future can be better.

Rosa parks ended segregation by refusing to participate in the rules and expectations society set. That’s what adopting cryptocurrency and blockchain can become for our generation. We are being told we have no choice but I disagree, we are being forced to accept something because it’s the way it’s always been not because it’s the way things have to be.

I truly believe that tomorrow can be better today if one person is willing to fight for it.

Are you willing to stand alongside me and strive for a more equitable future for everyone?

That is the war we are fighting.

If you see it being waged, welcome to the revolution

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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