Why Understanding the way Your Enemies Think Makes you More Powerful

This makes sense

The effect this has is monumental

We are stuck on a roundabout of confirmation bias

Creativity = unique insight x understanding of current technological application x implementation

Technology not only detrimentally affects this, it actively ensures you don’t encounter views that challenge you

To know your enemy you must become your enemy

That’s why there is massive opportunity

Empathy is the key to a new view point

How do you acquire a different view point?

It would be so easy to write it off due to the above

The reason it failed wasn’t because it was a bad idea — it failed due to human corruption and greed

To be more creative you need more ideas. Being prolific enables you to test and iterate on more ideas giving you more chance to find something successful

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer

Your enemies can open your mind to a world of possibility



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