Why you Need to be Insane to Become a Billionaire

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Entrepreneurs are all broken in some way

That desire requires subsistence in the form of external gratification. That can come in the form of success, acknowledgement or praise and manifests itself as an unwavering, often desperate, lust to achieve. Whether that is in hope of impressing someone else, proving something to myself in the process or not, their is an unquenchable thirst to do something significant.

Married to that is often an internal suffering. A desperation to acquire information in order to feel adequate. That is the fire that fuels the grit, determination and relentless hunger to create something which other people can use. Difficult times — whether that is the experience of bullying, financial strife or loss — harden us like pressure turning carbon to diamond. Without that pressure the carbon would remain worthless, but with it the atoms of irrelevancy are rearranged to form something of unique and pristine value.

That is what entrepreneurship is fundamentally. Taking information that is worthless and underappreciated and rearranging it to creating something far more valuable. Business can be characterised as a search for entropy in hope of creating order of it which is profitable. The world tends to favour disorder, while the abundance of information we now have at our fingertips means we perceive the world to be becoming more organised.

Where this misconception is most stark — where there is a massive disconnect between the perception of order — there is the opportunity to profit. Uber are the most impressive example of this. Through a reinterpretation of the histrocial precedent of public transit, they were able to intergrate and organise data in a way that is inconceivable without technology.

And that is how entrepreneurs change the world. How many people had a massive dissatisfaction with public transit? Everybody knew the service sucked but nobody done anything until Travis and Garrett decided enough was enough and founded Uber and changed the world.

To make that leap you have to have something wrong with you. You have to lack a certain sense of sensibility which prevents you realising how insane what you are doing really is. The odds of your success are so minuscule that the effort necessary to achieve it is almost definitely wasted.

Yet some people do. Some people reject humanities tendency to consume and instead they create. They dream and imagine the future which becomes our inherited reality. That broken part of them is what lets them fix something that is wrong in the world.

Distilled to its most concentrated essence entrepreneurship is highly irrational, but it is that irrationality that inspires people to achieve unprecedented success. It’s what let Elon Musk send satelittes into space far more cheaply than the US governement and what led Jeff Bezos to revolutionise commerse.

It is also the reason that they are able to hire people smarter than them. Their employees aren’t broken. They appreciate the risk and understand how unlikely it is that they succeed. They are making the smart decision based on their analysis of the likely outcome. They take the safe option.

Entrepreneurship is the antithesis of safe but some people will never feel whole unless it is what they are doing with their one chance at life.

So let yourself be broken

This is what I am trying to fix

Join us and find out more

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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