Why you Should Never Take Life Advice on The Internet — My Manifesto for Life in a World of Instant Gratification

Chris Herd
4 min readOct 9, 2017

Instant Gratification

Non-existent attention spans

This is the age of ‘I want it yesterday’ and ‘i’m bored of you already’.

The age of expectation while having zero appreciation

My time is valuable so you better treat it wisely but I need all of yours

We are quick to Judge but slow to reflect

We see other people’s mistakes without witnessing our own. We ignore the bad we have done in ourselves and the good in the people around us.

The grass is always greener until green isn’t the colour we want

We let the manicured pictures people flaunt on social media influence our own happiness, instead of understanding the game. We experience debilitating unhappiness by comparing what we don’t have to what other people do.

But we don’t compare what we do have to what other people don’t

And time stands still

If something isn’t happening we manufacture drama to create interest. We pick faults in things that have already happened in a hope of making life more interesting.

We sacrifice contentment and security in the search of excitement

Then we find it and realise we aren’t any happier

We want something to be happening yet we feel alone when those games grow tiresome and people walk the other way.

Excitement is preferable to happiness

Until we realise excitment is unsustainable and the only thing you can ever hope for in life is a little bit of happiness in each day.

So we feel more loneliness than ever before

We all want to be loved for our faults but fail to be as willing to return that feeling to…

Chris Herd

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