Why You’ll Murder your Favourite Toothpaste & Shampoo Brands in the next Decade

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Consumer packaged goods companies are going to be massacred by their own customers realizing the power of their purchasing choices and the ability for technology to create new mechanisms which reward specific behaviors. This will make you richer while allowing you to make the world a better place through environmentally conscious impositions we can dictate.

Think about it, your current reward for buying the same toothpaste, shampoo, cleaning products, soft drinks only line the pockets of shareholders and make them richer. Soon you’ll be able to purchase what you need and get the reward in your pocket. Instead of increasing the valuation of Johnson & Johnson, Colgate Palmolive, Proctor & Gamble or L’Oreal, you will increase your own wealth. I know who I’d prefer to receive the fruits of my spending when faced with the choice between myself and a faceless multi-national Billion $ brand.

Not only that but it gives us control of the types of products we use. Sure, we are able to choose whether we use good which are tested on animals, whether the ingredients are organic but this gives us the opportunity to dictate exactly what we want and how we want it. Maximum profitability and customer exploitation do not need to be the cyclical economies we choose to participate in.

We can impact and achieve real change by making a small change. What if every single product was sustainably sourced? Imagine every container used recyclable material? Our wallets significantly increase the impact and influence each of us can have on the world, while we simultaneously benefit financially by wielding it. We can reward local producers instead of buying the lowest common denominator garbage. This lets us create prosperity around us while we gain a share of the upside when these ventures thrive. Win-win.

Each tube, bottle, packet or box will be a tiny fraction of equity in the business producing the goods. Instead of buying shares, you will buy the product and own part of the companies as a result. What will emerge are companies owned by the people who buy most of the products. For companies the benefit is huge. It is owned by it’s strongest supporters who are literally invested and rewarded by its success. The valuation grows? Value of your shares does too.

Welcome to the Age of Products as tokens

By harnessing the power of blockchain, tokenisation and cryptocurrency we can create this new reality. It makes the impossible possible. Data enables this information to be tracked instantaneously with no external confirmation. Where there are certain constraints which make this impossible right now, blockchain will ensure we are able to confirm every transaction and owner of each fractional share. Technology will allow us to ensure if you purchase something you’re ownership is recorded on the ledger and indisputable.

CPG brands reaction will be the same as it always is, M&A. Consumers have the power to stick or support a new brand getting equity in that new business.

Your new favorite brand is acquired?

You get a new opportunity to expand your wealth

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