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Why You’ve Been Lied to if you Think Starting a Business is a Risk

Creativity isn’t divine intervention

It’s a choice

Collectively, our biggest problem is our misunderstanding of how products and services are created. We’ve been told that doing so is a risk, when it is the safest thing you can do. This is one of the reasons for the disparity of wealth that currently afflicts us all.

That does not belittle the negative impact current taxation policy has on ensuring the rich get richer and the gap to the middle class swells

The conventional wisdom is that starting a company is a risk

That is not true

The contrarian truth is that the only way you can become economically successfully when starting a business is by doing something that is uncertain.

Risk is something that can be priced

It is the reason that the insurance industry exists and flourishes

Amazon isn’t one of the richest companies in the world due to risk

They never took risks in order to generate income

They bet on uncertainty

Uncertainty is where almost every Billionaire has emerged from

If you can calculate the odds to succeed you are in an industry with innumerable competitors and you’ll never dominate

Uncertainty means pursuing a dream

But there’s more to it than that

Sweat equity repays you in two ways

  1. Your business fails completely. You emerge with the the most valuable of skills on display — bravery — which is transferable to new ventures and appreciated by other individuals trying to do the same as you. Your new skills enable you to switch careers effectively and become an effective leader who utilises their entrepreneurial spirit to affect other flourishing businesses.

And we’ve also been let down by the myth of the Messiah Founder

This dehumanisation must be see for what it is

It’s easy to start a company

It’s difficult to start one that solves a problem

It’s almost impossible to build a team for success

By embracing the uncertainty of your ideas you open the door to a whole world of opportunity

All you have to do is take the first step

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CEO / Founder / Coach @FirstbaseHQ Empowering people to work in their lives not live at work ✌️✌

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