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Would you get in a car that was Programmed to Kill you?

What happened?

Who is she?



This is a huge philosophical question which harks back to the trolly car problem

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That’s not to say AI shouldn’t be questioned or kept in check

But AI cannot be developed in such a way that preferential treatment is given to people who are able to afford programmes that preserves their life above others when faced with the probability of catastrophe

iRobot provides a window to future probabilities

What if the wealthiest members of society wore hardware which superseded the logical reasoning of computers meaning they would save them regardless of the alternative possibilities?

Our fate could be decided by what we can afford

The jump is stark

The first two we were responsible for the consequences, the latter we are passengers to our own fate

We have ceded control in hope that the time regained from undertaking menial and tedious tasks allows us to focus our effort on things that matter more, but it is essential that we first create a memorandum of rights which is universally applicable. In order to progress we need to be clear with the established protocol to understand the implications of technological development.

Oversight after the fact will not be good enough

We shouldn’t fear AI or autonomy but we must ready for the way in which humanity utilises the most important tool of the 21st century

At the end of the day we will only have ourselves to blame

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