Yes and no.

I feel like i underappreciated the utility that they offer but the limiting factor there is the battery life. Being untethered comes with the price of limited access and for me that is a total non starter. I’m frequently in situation where access to audio is essential — airpods meant I had to carry two pairs of headphones at all times.

I agree that the sounds is far more crisp than you expect.

Personally, I am not convinced by audio as the next OS. There are too many instances where voice control are not feasible or useful. I still think Apple played it too safe, and are playing it too safe in general. What could usurp them is a hardware that invents a new paradigm.

That would be AR. AR through your phone is still a limiting factor.

I think they have the finger on the pulse but they are listen to the wrong signal. AR will supplant Audio almost as soon as it arises. I’m massively intrigued by magic leap, not because of the masses of money spent in research but because it truly offers the potential gateway to a new world.

To me that is far more interesting than wireless headphones.

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