Yup – but cash isn’t working for people. To understand it all, we need to understand the fundamental mechanisms that enable the economy to turn. Fractional reserve enables debt to increase wealth. Debt creation = wealth creation.

Crypto has decoupled cash from government – in many ways it is programmable freedom. If I want to go to France tomorrow I can because I have £100 in the bank and a flight costs £100. If the government implements another quantitive easing programme and my £100 is now worth only £80 I can’t afford to go. If my money was in Bitcoin I wasn’t effected by the QE and can still go.

STO and blockchain money are one thing – but they are just recreating what already exists – reinventing the wheel. Crypto won’t be interesting until people do things that were previously impossible. Digital taxation, enabling metered micropayment equal to your engagement with content, products or serivices are how the internet will evolve. Our identity will be tied to a digital passport which houses are data and enables us to participate in an increasingly digital world.

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